HR Vision

ikInvesting in our staff, and highlighting the important role they play in our business, is the main focus of our Human Resources Management vision.  We believe that the only way to move our company forward, into the future, is to educate our staff in accordance with TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti., objectives and strategies. Our primary objective is “The Right Person, The Right Place”, and ensuring that we uphold the interests of individuals and businesses alike.

By educating and highly motivating our staff, we know that our strengths can be realized, and our future goals will be easily reached.


TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti. offers an intensive orientation program for all newly hired employees. The purpose of this orientation is to highlight the relationship between  departments and educate on operational activities. This allows new employees to adapt quickly and gain an accurate perspective on the business.


Once job training as been completed, the orientation process begins. All new personnel perform their duties under the guidance of a ‘team-mate’, until they are completely comfortable with their individual role. The ‘team-mate’ can observe, and ensure that no errors are made, and the correct processes are used to guarantee the highest quality product.


Our company sees itself as an academy, working with a Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement philosophy which has been completely assimilated with all of our employees. Regarding each subject and field staff receives continuous training. Our company supports personal career development, and offers staff the opportunity to improve their qualifications. In addition, domestic and foreign fairs also give new perspectives for staff development; these are closely evaluated by our company and any opportunities are followed. Our staff are given the opportunity to participate in conventions and trade fairs.


Career planning begins with the recruitment process in our company. Working with a Performance Evaluation System, we can determine the development of our staff, and ensure that all staff meet their goals and achieve promotion. We are continually improving our career development planning to enable all staff to be career focussed.