Quality And Environmental Policy


Our key principles are:

  • Surpassing the expectations of our customers in quality, design, bringing new product ranges and ensuring all customer expectations are met.
  • To increase the quality level of the continuous improvement philosophy
  • Create a quality conscious organization; quality assessment and evaluation mechanisms based on the concept of quality in production activities.
  • To provide employeeswith continuous training and management/company activities, in order to constantly improve teamspirit
  • Quality of education as a social responsibility and to detect these issues within and outside the company engaged in activities,
  • To ensure continuity of quality levels.
  • Grow in terms of capacity without sacrificing quality, in order to reach a wider market.

TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti. Management Team undertakes to give the necessary support for the formation of these conditions.


TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti., aims to achieve excellence in production and craftsmanship by using the most recent technologies, combined with modern production processes.

TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti. In accordance with world environmental standards, consider all aspects of its business processes, including natural resources andenvironmental protection. At the same time, it has adoptedthe principles ofworkingina healthy and safeenvironment.TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti. takes an environmentallysensitive approach to itspurificationof waste, ensuring a high level ofrecycling, and is a pioneerin this field, constantly developing its environmental policies and processes.

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policies core values have been established as indicated below.

  • Product and Process designing; workforce health and safety; the protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly / recycled materials.
  • Engaging in activities for prevention to reduce our waste and pollution.
  • Using natural resources, and sourcing our raw materials from environmentally conscious organizations.
  • Detecting hazards and conducting risk assessments throughout our operations, to reduce work-place accidents and occupational health issues.
  • To ensure that through training and awareness all of our staff continue to improve the company’s Occupational Health andSafety Policies.
  • Recognizing the minimum standards for all local and national requirements within the Accessories Sector, and become the leading company in the industry sample.

TURHAN TOKA SAN. TIC. Sti.  Management undertakes to give the necessary support for the formation of these conditions.